Spark Plug Blowout Fix

AERA Engine Rebuilders Association, ASE Qualification
Guaranteed Ford Triton Spark Plug Repair

We at AIMS have been fixing these Triton spark plug holes for 10 years now.  400 Vehicles to date with absolutely no failures.  The reason I say fixing them is because when I’m done, I guarantee that you will not have a problem with that particular cylinder blowing out a spark plug again for the rest of the time you own the vehicle…period!  (Providing proper procedures are followed on future tune-ups).  No fine print, no “and’s”, “if’s” or “but’s” about it!

Valve job image
Guaranteed Ford Triton Spark Plug Repair

Following are the vehicles that often need a Ford Triton Spark Plug Repair:

  • Full Size Ford Cars
  • Ford Explorers
  • Ford Expeditions
  • Ford Excursions
  • Ford F150
  • Ford F250
  • Ford F350
  • Ford E150
  • Ford E250
  • Ford E350

My understanding is the dealership Ford Triton Spark Plug Blowout Repair is upwards of $3000.00 and about a week’s downtime.  I’m using the only Certified Ford tool on the market that addresses all the issues with this repair; and your vehicle is down for less than a day.  It’s $500 labor plus a new coil and spark plug that you can supply.  What’s more, the repair can be done onsite up to 20 minute’s drive from Carver, MA.  Further distances will require a nominal fee for drive time.

Do the math!  A Certified Ford fix that comes with my guarantee:  1 day’s downtime, $500, FIXED; versus a $200.00 “get-me-by” repair or a $3000.00 “Oh my God!” mortgage payment fix and a week’s downtime.

The choice is clear: Ford Triton Spark Plug Blowout Repair by AIMS Automotive Repair Shop.

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