AERA Engine Rebuilders Association, ASE Qualification
Quality work at Industry Standards

I’m Les and I own AIMS Automotive Machine Shop, Inc.  I am an ASE Certified machinist on site, and I’ve been in the trade since 1969.

AIMS is an automotive machinist serving peoples needs for 50 years.  We specialize in engine rebuilding and engine machining. We perform valve jobs (cylinder head rebuilding) for gas, diesel, and propane engines, as well as onsite broken bolt extraction and repair.

AIMS provides any service where machining can be used to recondition or resurface any part or assembly.  For instance, machining drums, rotors and flywheels.

Valve job image

We work with foreign or domestic engines.

AIMS rebuilds an engines to at or near its original working order. It can be accomplished at AIMS Automotive Machine Shop, Inc.